Oral contraceptive pill

A daily pill to protect from unplanned pregnancies.


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A short-acting family planning method

We offer two different types of pill, each one providing different benefits.

Contraceptive pills contain hormones, similar to those naturally produced by a woman’s body. The pill needs to be taken at the same time every day to effectively prevent pregnancy. It’s ability to prevent pregnancy depends on a person using it correctly.

The two types of pill we have available have different advantages and disadvantages, depending on the woman. During a consultation, we can help you decide if one of these is right for you.

It can take between five to seven days for the pill to start working. You can use a condom or abstinence during this time. Your normal fertility will return immediately after you stop taking the pill.


92%. If one hundred women used the pill for a year, then 92 of those women would not fall pregnant during that period.  

Some women forget to take the pill every day, which can increase the risk of unplanned pregnancy.


At the Family Health Clinic in Dili and through outreach teams in the municipalities where we work.


Free through outreach, and at a small cost at the Family Health Clinic.

Call the Family Health Clinic on 3322 841 for more information on price.

Types of contraceptive pill

We offer two types of contraceptive pill, the combined oral contraceptive pill (COC) and the progestogen-only pill (POP). 

While both pills offer effective pregnancy prevention when used correctly, the two types are quite different in both their advantages and things to consider. Find out more about the two different types of contraceptive pills we offer.

“Contraceptive pills are a quick, easy way to prevent unplanned pregnancies. They are extremely effective for women who are able to remember to take them at the same time each day.”

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Unsure which method is right for you?

If you find remembering your contraception is a regular problem, it might be worth exploring other methods.

Take a look at our online contraception tool – Choice. The website uses a simple questionnaire to provide you with clear, tailored advice on your contraceptive options.

Take the questionnaire and explore your options